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Tragic and astounding advert from KFC

14 Mar

This has very quickly become my favourite advert on TV, to a point that I can recite it almost word for word.

The exact reasons for this are unclear, but they largely centre around how something so laughably awful could ever have seen the light of day.

We begin with a trip round a supermarket with a jolly northern chap who claims to have seen a LOT of changes in the 20 years he has worked in the food business. He’s privy to all sorts of secrets not fit for public knowledge, as evidenced by his snigger upon his utterence of ‘a lot of changes…’. However, he is able to reveal that people expect more from their food – “home grown produce, fresh not frozen.”

We are then transported, without warning, to a KFC restaurant where it is revealed that our hero, with his vast experience of the food industry,  in fact serves fast food behind a counter . He shows off his fresh chicken on the bone which will later be fried to an inch of its life, in his mind proving his earlier points of  higher customer expectation.

To the audience however, it becomes quite clear that our man can no longer be trusted and is, at worst, a fantasist. All his previous statements have amounted to KFC without even a hint of irony. His 20 years plus experience have taught him nothing, and on this evidence he is unlikely to learn any more about food even in another 20 years. This is a heartbreaking sight, as he gleefully hands over a bucket of chicken to an unappreciative family. The fruit of his loins, his farmer assured British Chicken, prepared with love and hand breaded by trained chefs, devoured and spat out by a more fortunate family. They can leave the restaurant when they finish, he must stay and repeat the process. Again, and again, and again.

Other than the fact that KFC have missed how terribly depressing this advert is, I think there are three main points from it that fascinate me:

1) 20 years of the food industry and you’re behind the counter at KFC. This is a genuine tragedy and KFC are shameful to exploit it.

2) Fresh healthy produce = KFC? How have they made this connection? I could connect sausages with immortality but I can’t prove it. This is effectively what they’ve done

3) The terms ‘restaurants’ and ‘trained chefs’. I understand our man is making the best of his situation, but that’s taking it a bit too far.

After some research however, you’ll be pleased to know that this entire advert is complete bollocks. Our man has not worked in the food industry for 20 years and certainly does not serve behind a counter. He is an actor called Mark Morrell and his website can be found here

I’m glad I no longer need to lose sleep about this