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“Scouting for Girls are Killing Music” claim Industry

14 Apr
Key players in the UK music industry including X Factor judge Louis Walsh and members of Radiohead, Pink Floyd and Kandy Rain have met to discuss the impact of  legally purchasing music by Scouting for Girls on the music industry for a BBC documentary.
Killing Music?
The record industry has claimed that since Scouting for Girls introduction to the British charts in 2008, nearly £200m a year has been lost collectively due to potentially buyers of new music stabbing themselves repeatedly in the eye with a fork after hearing a song by the Harrow band. Such actions have therefore prevented any new music to be bought by the victims, and the industry claims that younger, lesser known musical acts are suffering as a result.
“If you buy a record by Scouting for Girls, you are stifling creativity, and you are hurting the music industry” says Editors  lead singer Tom Smith. “Its not hurting bigger, more established artists who have already made it; what you are really attacking is those on the fringes and the smaller scale of the industry – newer artists trying the break through”.
Ed O’Brien of Radiohead however, takes a contrasting view. “Although the music of Scouting for Girls is an obvious scapegoat to the cause of music fans impaling themselves, I think radio stations and major labels that insist any band they sign should ‘sound a bit like Scouting for Girls’ are also damaging the industry” the guitarist explained. “ It is a wider argument that extends further than simply erasing the appalling sound of one band from musical history”.
Best selling solo artists Lily Allen and Elton John have given vocal support to the idea proposed by the industry to punish those that buy Scouting for Girls records.
“I think Scouting for Girls  are having a dangerous effect on British music, but some really rich and successful artists like Nick Mason from Pink Floyd and Ed O’Brien from Radiohead don’t seem to think so” Allen wrote on her Myspace blog.
“Punish buyers of SfG” Says Allen
“Newer artists are suffering, as record labels are less inclined to sign them due to there now being half as many music fans in the country as there were two years ago. Something has to be done before it transcends into complete disaster, and if that means punishing buyers of ‘She’s so Lovely’, then I support that action”.
Billy Bragg however does not agree that punishing music buyers is the answer. “The industry has failed to modernise since my heyday of 20 years ago, and it should have made more progressive steps to limit the distribution of Scouting for Girls records. This, rather than those who bought it, is the real reason why so many people are dead. Punishing consumers is something I will never be comfortable with”.
To see the full debate, featuring contributions from Eoghan Quigg,  Faithless and TVs Fearne Cotton, watch Panorama “Are Scouting for Girls Killing Music?” on BBC1 this Thursday at 9pm.
(Warning: Certain scenes may feature music by Scouting for Girls and opinions from Fearne Cotton)